Tuesday, November 02, 2004

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There are a few things I try to avoid in this space to make this site inclusive and friendly to all readers. One of them is that I try to keep the language clean (y'know, for the kids). Another is that I try to avoid moral judgements or hot button non-baseball topics such as religion or politics. I must suspend one of those rules for the moment, however, as a contest far more important than any that ever has or ever will take place on a baseball diamond is being decided as you read this.

I'm hoping that you all realize that I'm talking about the presidential election. As a reminder of the impending election, I've posted a Kerry-Edwards banner at the top of this blog. This is not meant to offend or criticize any Bush voters who may read this site. All are welcome here and none will be judged. It's simply a reminder and an endorsement. While Kerry is not my ideal candidate, he is the one I strongly prefer. I've chosen a banner that allows readers to jump to the portions of Kerry's site which discuss the issues.

I strongly urge everyone 18 and over who reads this site to vote, and I urge those who are undecided to check out not necessarily Kerry's site (which is filled with as much spin and mumbo jumbo as any other political home page), but other sites that compare the candidates on the issues, such as On The Issues, which presents dated stances on the issues (natch) and voting records for both presidential candidates (Kerry, Bush) as well as your state senators and representatives. Also usefull are some of the short-cut guides such as this from CNN, or this one from Time and AOL, which also allows you to answer questions to determine the candidate that best suits you. All of these are flawed, at times contradictory, and skewed by subtle biases, but such is the nature of politics. You'll do no better at the official Kerry and Bush sites.

Make a choice and vote on November 2nd, TODAY.

That's all I will say on the subject. If anyone wants to engage me on this topic, please do so by email rather than via the comments. This post will remain the first you see on this site until election day. Scroll down for more recent baseball-related content.

posted by Cliff at 11:58 PM

Monday, November 01, 2004

Round tables 

More of me yappin' my trap over on All-Baseball:

Wha'appen (Part One) - In which Alex Belth, Jay Jaffe and I try to figure out where things went wrong in the ALCS.

Wha'appen (Part Two) - In which Messrs. Belth, Jaffe and Corcoran attempt to figure out what offseason moves will result from the Yankees' ALCS loss.

Say Children, What Does It All Mean? - In which Rob Neyer, King Kaufman, Mike Carminati, Jay Jaffe, Derek Jacques, Patrick "Sully" Sullivan and I answer a few questions that Alex Belth had about the Yankees in the wake of the 2004 season.

Mecca In The Nation - in which the same group answers Alex's questions about the Red Sox in the wake of their first championship in 86 years.

[Please note that in "Wha'appen? Part Two" the passage that begins "Cliff: That leaves you needing two or even three starters to fill out your rotation . . ." is misattributed to me, and is actually a continuation of what Jay was saying in the previous paragraph]

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