Friday, January 23, 2004

The New Kid In Town 

Blog thirsty Yankee fans should be sure to check out Fabian McNally's Minor Yankee Blog, which is both a Yankee blog, and written by a minor (at least for a few more months). In his bid to become our own little Gleeman, Fabian has more than a little to say about many Yankee-related items, including an in-depth, multi-part look at the Yankees remaining prospects, that shows how favorably Dioner Navarro compares to the Twins' Joe Mauer. His prospect posts are scattered throughout the site, but since he's only been at it since mid-December you shouldn't have much trouble finding them, and you'll probably stumble upon some other things that you'll be glad you've read in the meantime.

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Comments (take 2) 

So, Blogspeak went under almost immediately after I added comments to the ole BRB. I've been pretty lazy about replacing the comments since, but as you can see, I've finally put 'em back up. Thanks to HaloScan for taking on all of the former Blogspeak accounts.

Now it's up to you, loyal reader, to make use of them.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Pitchers . . .  

To put yesterday's post in perspective, the Yankees were one of 23 teams represented at Scott Erickson's tryout yesterday.

Tom Verducci, meanwhile, concludes his latest column by suggesting that Yankees have offered a three-year contract to Greg Maddux (for what it's worth, I think three years is too many for Maddux). The rest of the column has a certain Yankee slant to it as well, as Verducci weighs in on the Hall-of-Fame-relief-pitcher debate and compares Mo to Troy Percival. He also includes some great stats about the walk rates of the Yankees pitchers. Check it out.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Almost there . . . 

It may be bitterly cold in New York City, but there is less than one month until Yankee pitchers and catchers report. To remind us of that fact, we have the first sign of life in Tampa in the person of Steve Karsay. Karsay, who missed all of the 2003 season due to a shoulder injury, threw off a mound late last week for the first time since May of last year. Karsay threw 25 fastballs and will increase his pitch count for several weeks before working in breaking pitches. More concerned about being healthy than making the opening day roster, Karsay remains guarded about the speed of his recovery but is aiming to break camp with the team.

In other pitching news, the Yankees have been sniffing around the morgue for a warm body to challenge Jon Lieber for the fifth starting spot. Thus far the best they've been able to do is John "Old Man" Burkett, who will likely earn a non-roster invite to spring training. Other pitchers with pulses who have earned a sniff from the Yanks are Scott Erickson and old pal Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez, neither of whom threw a major league pitch in 2003 due to injury. Erickson is trying out for teams in Tempe, Arizona today, Hernandez will do so in Miami on Thursday. The Yankees will have scouts at both tryouts. Thursday is also the tryout date for Cuban defector Maels Rodriguez. That will take place in San Salvador. Rumor has it that the Yankees are interested in Rodriguez as a potential successor to Mariano Rivera who (don't look now) is 34 years old and in the final year of his contract.

In other news, the Yankees have signed Alfonso Soriano, who was eligible for arbitration, to a one-year deal worth $5.4 million. Soriano made $800,000 in 2003 and will become eligible for free agency after the 2005 season.

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