Saturday, August 09, 2003


Greetings and welcome to Clifford's Big Red Blog! ["Cliff's Notes" was too obvious and, while there are several other "Big Red Blogs" about, none come about their name via Norman Bridwell] I'm talking mostly to myself of course (which I imagine might be the case for a little while here), but I hope this will soon become a regular stop for others.

I'll probably devote the majority of the space here to baseball and the Yankees (at least during the baseball season), but in less than two weeks' time I hope to begin posting from the road as my band Joanie Loves Trotsky begins its first national tour. Check us out if we happen to be coming to your area.

I hope to trick this blog out in due course, but please bear with me as I am a bit of a novice in the world of HTML (my last attempt at a self-sustained web presence was a good five or six years ago). In the early going you may notice as many design changes as posts. At any rate, I hope this ultimately proves to be more than the colossal waste of time my girlfriend imagines it will be.

posted by Cliff at 12:50 AM

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